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Low-income tax clinics, or LITCs, are clinics which service the tax needs and representation of those who cannot afford their own independent representation in disputes with the IRS and other tax agencies. These clinics, in many cases, provide education about taxes and tax forms for free or for a no


Free File is a free electronic tax filing service provided by the federal government to help simplify filing federal taxes, states the IRS. The IRS offers this software for households with annual incomes below $62,000 and Free File fillable forms for households with annual incomes above $62,000 onli


As of 2015, Canada's Good and Services tax is a federal tax assessed at the rate of 5 percent, according to the Canada Revenue Agency. Some provinces combine the GST with a provincial sales tax called the Harmonized Sales Tax, which results in rates of up to 15 percent.


The services available at a local IRS tax office vary depending on location, but the office in Bakersfield, California, helps with account inquiries, adjustments and payments, among other services, according to the IRS in 2015. In general, the centers are for taxpayers who believe their issues need


The services fees for Liberty Tax are $191 per tax return on average, as per data from 2014. The service fee for using Liberty Tax services can change depending on the complexity of the tax filing and the time frame in which it needs to be finished.


As of 2015, TaxACT lists the customer support phone number on its website, TaxACT.com. To view contact information, customers can click on the Support tab at the company's home page. Support associates assist customers during regular business hours at 319-373-3600.


As of 2014, Liberty Tax charges approximately $191 to prepare a tax return, notes William Perez for About.com. Liberty Tax also provides a free office consultation, which includes tax filing information and tax advice.


The Internal Revenue Service offers downloadable tax forms on its website. Downloadable forms are offered for individuals as well as businesses, and they are available for the current year and for the previous year.


The goods and services tax in Ontario applies to most Canadian goods and services as well as imported supplies, real property and intangible personal property, notes the Canada Revenue Agency. Participating provinces such as Ontario that have harmonized their provincial sales tax with the goods and


There is a form available at the United States Postal Service website that allows tax-exempt organizations in any state to apply for nonprofit standard mail prices. This form is called Form 3624.