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State tax dollars mainly go towards funding kindergarten through 12th grade education, higher education, and health care, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. State tax revenue also goes towards transportation and corrections costs, as well as toward providing assistance to low-i


As of 2015, tax laws stipulate that the annual exclusion for gifts of money is $14,000 per person, per calendar year, according to the Internal Revenue Service. When gifting money, the donor is typically responsible for paying the gift tax.


The requirement to pay taxes on inherited money depends on the amount that's inherited and on the beneficiary's state of residence. The federal government doesn't charge beneficiaries an inheritance tax, although some states levy a tax, according to TurboTax.


The IRS treats commission payments as supplemental wages. This puts commissions in the same category as bonuses, allowances, back pays, sick leave pay and overtime pays, notes Patriot Software.


The federal income tax raises about $1.4 trillion each year, as of 2014. This number doesn't include taxes that individuals and businesses pay for Medicare and Social Security. Those payroll taxes raise another $1 trillion, according to Bloomberg Business.


Some of the biggest federal income tax deductions include sales tax, health insurance premiums and charitable gifts, states TurboTax. Some other big federal income tax deductions are the use of a home office, Internet and phone services, and travel expenses, states Investopedia.


It is free to get a transcript for tax records from within the past 3 years; however, for a copy of the filed and processed tax return there is a fee. It is always recommended that citizens make a copy of their tax returns before they file and keep copies from every tax year at home.


Individuals who owe the IRS money on their taxes more than likely didn't pay enough during the tax year, according to TurboTax. To avoid owing money in the future, taxpayers can make adjustments to their W-4 forms with their employers to increase the amount withheld from future checks.


The best place to find out if you have any outstanding tax obligations is by checking directly with the IRS or the state agency through which the tax return was filed. You can either call customer service or check online to get more information about your tax history.


An inheritance tax is a tax paid by heirs or beneficiaries of an inheritance, according to Investopedia. An inheritance tax rate depends on the value of the asset received or the relationship to the descendant.