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i got a tattoo last week and it's turning white? i got a tattoo last week and when i wash it it all goes back to the same color-black but after a while and it's dry there are little parts of the tattoo that turns into a lighter color. what's going on? what should i do?


Should You Get A White Ink Tattoo? Cool or creepy? Trendy or trashy? ... they fade easily and turn into a blurry weird mess. ... You do NOT, however, want to expose a white tattoo to any kind of ...


Answer Yes. I have a red and black tattoo with white detail. I'm very pale, and the tattoo is almost 10 years old, so the white has faded and you can barely see it anymore, which doesn't make a ...


In the picture above, not only did it turn green but it sadly faded as well. The tattoo is gone, and all that's left is unwanted stain. One artist notes that White is a transluscent pigment. It isn't opaque. This means that once the open wound with white ink accidentally gets in contact with green or black, it would be permanently stained.


White Ink Tattoos are some of the most beautiful ones out there—but they come with a catch. They’re very difficult to pull off well. They require extra care and planning if you want to keep one from looking like a well-formed scar.


White ink tattoos can easily get even more distorted simply by existing tattoos or stenciling done by the artist. The ink, because it’s (obviously) white, can easily blend with other colors and ...


Currently, there is a growing trend of requests for all-white tattoos, but while some tattoo artists perform completely white tattoos, others refuse and will advise you not to receive a tattoo in white ink. White can yellow or turn brown over time, and covering up the yellow or brown with more white ink is not an option.


White ink tattoos look fascinating when done with the right quality of ink and an artist that is skilled in the tattoo design. Before fixing white ink tattoo instead of letting price influence your decision, focus also on the artists portfolio and an artist who has mastery in designing white ink tattoo is an advantage.


Basic Healing Stages of Tattoos. The basic healing process will likely last anywhere from three to four weeks, and you'll need to take special care of your new body art during this time to ensure it looks its best once that healing has finished. Understanding the healing stages of tattoos gives you a better idea of what to expect in the days and weeks to come.


Tattoo Scabbing, Tattoo Healing – Normal vs. TROUBLE! Here is a post I didn’t really want to write. Why? Because a poorly healing tattoo and tattoo scabbing is a nightmare – one I have personally experienced and hope to NEVER live through again.