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Tattoos for women are quickly growing in popularity and take on a variety of designs. Among the most popular tattoos for women are butterflies, tribal tattoos, hearts, flowers, swallows, stars, zodiac symbols, fairies, owls, wings, crowns, feathers, cherry blossoms, dre...


Almost any image, word or symbol can be transformed into a tattoo design. Different styles of tattoos include tribal, traditional Polynesian or Maori, religious, old-school, cultural and gang.


Tattoos are best designed by using the favorite colors and details of the person to create a personalized, unique piece that suits their personality. Consider the placement of the tattoo to determine its size and visibility.


A variety of butterfly tattoo designs for women are available on a number of tattoo websites including TattooEasily.com and FreeTattooDesigns.org. Butterfly tattoo designs range in style from three-dimensional realistic designs to stylized, artistic representations.


The Internet is an efficient place to start searching for tattoos for women because there are many websites dedicated to tattoo designs. Likewise, tattoo studios and even tattoo conventions often showcase feminine designs.


Tattoo designs with names can include roses or brightly colored flowers with a name inked in the center or on the side of the flowers. Other tattoos with names feature a butterfly with a person's name tattooed above the butterfly.


From art books to how-to guides, to individual artists, there are many resources available to help with finding tattoo designs. Where To Find Tattoo Ideas is one of many sites dedicated to this cause. Tattoo designs can also be found in magazines. They are often inspire...