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Amanda Haddaway of CareerRealism.com explains that some people are against tattoos and piercings, especially visible ones, because they believe body modification implies irresponsibility. She further explains that some hiring managers discriminate against potential employees with tattoos and piercin


There are many tattoo and body piercing businesses that offer readily available websites to educate consumers about tattoos and piercings and showcase examples. There are other sites that are more educationally based, such as the National Conference of State Legislatures.


FreeTattooDesigns.org, Tattoo.com and Check Out My Ink are good resources for viewing tattoo pictures. Tribalectic shows pictures of piercings. The Body Modification E-zine features galleries for both tattoos and piercings.


Freelance tattoo writer Jodie Michalak suggests asking for recommendations and taking a tour of local tattoo shops to find the best shop for individual needs and preferences. She suggests shopping around to find an artist who offers creativity, trustworthiness and cleanliness. Furthermore, Michalak


Most names of famous tattoo shops are a combination of a phrase or a word and the word "tattoo." These include Fortune Tattoo in Portland, Oregon, Black and Blue Tattoo in San Francisco, California and Shanghai Tattoo in Shanghai, China.


The cost of starting a tattoo shop is widely variable and determined by a number of factors. Some of these factors include renting a space, furniture, and tattooing supplies.


Anyone interested in starting a tattoo business should first consider an optimal location, including any zoning restrictions and the likely market for tattoos in the neighborhood. It's also important to consider the odd hours often kept by a tattoo business and whether occasionally encountering the


The "right" tattoo is a matter of personal preference. However, there are a number of factors that go into getting a tattoo that won't bring on feelings of regret later, according to KQED Arts.


It is not necessary to go to a tattoo parlor for a third ear piercing. However, in terms of sterile equipment and experienced piercing technicians, tattoo parlors are a good choice.


According to Tattoo Temple, excellent tattoo shops in Chicago and anywhere else in the world have 11 characteristics clients need to look for before choosing the right one for their needs. These 11 characteristics include cleanliness, proper equipment care, licensing and the diversity and competency