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The "right" tattoo is a matter of personal preference. However, there are a number of factors that go into getting a tattoo that won't bring on feelings of regret later, according to KQED Arts.


There is a significant generational gap with regard to attitudes about body piercings, according to the Denver Business Journal. Young adults are overwhelmingly positive about body piercings, while those over 40 are more likely to see non-ear piercings as negative.


It is not necessary to go to a tattoo parlor for a third ear piercing. However, in terms of sterile equipment and experienced piercing technicians, tattoo parlors are a good choice.


The easiest way to determine if a local body piercing shop or local piercer is reputable in the United States is to go to the Association of Professional Piercers website to use its search tool to check if a body shop or piercer is registered with the APP. The APP has high standards that a shop must


Getting a tattoo typically hurts the most on the ribs, hips, feet, stomach and the area behind the ear. Other areas that are particularly painful when tattooed include the nipples, chest, ankles, and backs of the knees or inside of the elbow.


An apprenticeship is a free way to learn how to do body piercing, although this requires that the person find a mentor willing to provide a free apprenticeship. Piercers are more likely to offer free apprenticeships to those who plan to work at the piercer's shop after the apprenticeship.


The least painful place on the body for a tattoo is behind the ear. According to Red Rose Magazine, a tattoo on the cartilage of the ear is also one of the least painful spots for ink.


According to Tattoo Temple, excellent tattoo shops in Chicago and anywhere else in the world have 11 characteristics clients need to look for before choosing the right one for their needs. These 11 characteristics include cleanliness, proper equipment care, licensing and the diversity and competency


The name of the tattoo shop on "Miami Ink" is Love Hate Tattoo Studio. The shop was originally called 305 Ink but changed its name when the show began. "Miami Ink" was a reality show on TLC that ran from 2005 to 2008.


Available online body piercing courses include training available from the International School of Body Art and The Piercing Urge Training School. Due to the nature of the training, some hands-on days are required at The Piercing Urge, while the International School of Body Art is entirely accomplis