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PBS Cook's Country recipes are available primarily on the Cook's Country website. The site offers a 14-day free trial membership, after which users must purchase a paid membership to view the recipes.


"Cook's Country" chooses the recipes it shows by deciding if the recipes meet the show's theme and parameters. The recipes, which need to be based around country American cooking, should be easy and quick to prepare. The recipes also need to be better than the American classics on which they're base


As of September 2015, find PBS cooking show recipes on the broadcaster's website. PBS's Food page has a Search box. The page also has tabs for both recipes and shows. Selecting Recipes brings up categories such as courses, cuisine, occasion and theme. Each connects to lists of recipes.


Some traditional Polish recipes are placki ziemniaczane and blueberry mazurka. Placki ziemniaczane are potato pancakes that are often served with mushroom sauce. Make them by combing 1 pound of shredded potatoes, 1 shredded onion, 1 tablespoon of flour, 1 egg, and salt and pepper to taste in a bowl


Recipes from "Martha Bakes" on the PBS website include blueberry cupcakes, peanut butter and jelly bars, apple tarte tatin, New York crumb cake and ruffled milk pie. Other recipes include pecan tassies, multigrain bread, pain au chocolate, cheese straws and yellow butter cake.


The Best Ever Cheesecake and Easy Beef Stroganoff are two Taste of Home recipes that are good to try. Both recipes have many positive reviews and are easy to make.


All recipes published in "Taste of Home" magazine are also archived on the magazine's official website. Recipes can be searched using a number of different methods, including main ingredient, cooking style, course, cuisine and approximate cost. Many similar recipes are also grouped into collections.


Poland is situated in central Europe. The country borders the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine and Belarus. Poland is bordered by the Baltic Sea to the north, where its coastline stretches for about 270 miles.


Traditional Polish dishes include stews and soups made from broth, meats and vegetables, pierogis, cucumber salad, fish, pork and other meats. Polish food is similar to Russian, Ukrainian and other Slavic countries' cuisines.


Recipes prepared by Jacques Pepin on his PBS cooking shows include butter bean canapes, fried capers and small berry custards. To make butter bean canapes, toss 1 15.5-ounce can of drained butter beans with 1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard, 2 tablespoons each of fresh lemon juice and chopped parsley or