According to, the use of sunscreen in tanning beds contradicts the whole point of using a tanning bed because it blocks the artificial UV rays that are emitted to create a tan. The artificial UV rays produced b... More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care Tanning

Tanning bed bulbs should be changed when they reach approximately 80 percent of their recommended lifetime hours. Using this example, bulbs with a life of 1,000 hours should be changed when they reach anywhere from 600 t... More »

Because tanning beds can cause dry skin, it is very important to moisturize immediately after each visit. Moisturizing is also key between visits and should be performed daily or several times per day, depending on the c... More »

To get a dark tan using a tanning bed, tan on a regular schedule and use skin products specifically made for tanning. You should not use baby oil, which damages tanning beds and puts you at risk for burning. More »

Vitamin D isn't used directly in tanning beds, but the beds emit ultraviolet radiation that helps induce the production of vitamin D. UVB rays, as opposed to UVA rays, are the ones responsible for triggering the synthesi... More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care Tanning

Using sunscreen does not offer complete protection against the amount of UVA radiation of a tanning bed. The amount of UVA radiation produced by sunbeds can be 10 to 15 times the amount that people are exposed to when th... More »

To get the best results from a tanning bed, remember that moderation is key. Start with shorter sessions in lower-intensity tanning beds. Take caution that skin does not become red, overly dry or itchy between sessions. ... More »