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Humans and dogs alike need occasional breaks from the sun. A playful, energetic dog can become overheated quickly at the beach. Large shade umbrellas are nice, but if you’re spending hours on the beach you’ll really appreciate some type of shade tent that can provide enough area for a few people and your dog to cool off.


It’s a long hot summer, and many of us are excited to bring our dogs to the beach! Planning to hit the sand with your pal for the first time? Here are the top 9 tips for taking your dog to the beach for maximum fun and safety. You can also soak up the sun at an off-leash dog park or dog ...


Beach days can be a blast when you bring along a canine pal or three, but taking a dog to the beach requires some preparation, know-how and a little common sense -- or should that be canine sense? Anything that can harm you at the beach can also harm your dog, such as sunburn, riptides, jellyfish ...


How to Take Your Dog to the Beach. Most dogs love a wide open beach with a cool breeze and the chance to run free. Conditions aren't usually this perfect, so it pays to expect crowds, scorching sun, and leash laws. With a bag of supplies...


That got me thinking … what precautions should we be taking to ensure a day of fun doesn’t end in disaster? Here are ten things you need to know to keep your dog safe at the beach. 1. Not all dogs can swim. That’s right, the doggie paddle does not come naturally to every dog … like Ty for example.


The Do's and Don'ts of the Beach There are hundreds of beaches in the US and Canada that allow dogs, but compared to the number of beaches there are, this is a small percentage. Many beaches allowed dogs at one time, but due to careless owners, had to put a stop to canine patrons.


5 Pet Safety Tips for Taking Your Dog to the Beach. By Helen Anne Travis . The beach is a place to relax and have fun. And for many pet owners, bringing your dog to the beach or taking them to a dog beach makes for an even more relaxing and fun beach day experience.


During the dog days of summer there is nothing quite like a carefree day at the beach — but if you want to share the sun, surf and sand with a furry pal, heading to the shore takes a little extra planning. To make sure the trip is enjoyable for you and your pup, pet owners have quite a few things ...


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