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To find baby rabbits for sale, contact rabbit breed clubs to locate reputable breeders in your area. Check with animal shelters and rabbit rescues as well, since they may have young rabbits available for adoption.


Taking care of a domestic rabbit starts with knowing that the safest place for them is the indoors. Unlike wild rabbits, domestic rabbits do not have the endurance to withstand harsh temperature extremes and are always at a risk for predators, even while inside a cage.


A person can find a baby rabbit available for adoption by searching through the rabbits on Petfinder or by visiting a rabbit rescue group, such as the House Rabbit Society. Rabbits make great pets for people who do not mind digging or chewing habits and love to watch their pets interact with the wor


Mother rabbits feed their babies twice per day. They typically feed them in the morning and in the evening, usually taking no more than five minutes for each feeding.


Baby rabbits, also called kittens, can leave their mothers when they are fully weaned, which is about 6 to 8 weeks old. Cottontail rabbit mothers, however, only wean their kittens from 3 to 4 weeks, allowing their young to leave the nest and survive on their own.


People feeding baby rabbits do need to be trained on proper technique and schedule. Many baby rabbits die from inexperienced people trying to feed them and injuring or overfeeding them.


In most states, it is not legal to keep a wild rabbit as a pet. Even if a baby rabbit is orphaned, it is better off in the hands of a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, notes House Rabbit Connection.


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Rabbits can have anywhere from one to 14 babies, also called kits, in one litter. An average litter size is six. Hereditary and environmental factors play a role in the number of kits born in a litter.


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