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People's Republic of China, Japan and the Philippines.


The closest countries to Taiwan are listed below in order of increasing distance.


The Philippines closest neighboring countries are Taiwan to the north and Malaysia to the south. Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos are west of the country, while the eastern Philippines' closest neighbors are Palau and the Marianas Islands.


List of countries and territories by land and maritime borders Jump to ... Neighboring countries and territories (Territories without full sovereignty in italics) (L) = share only land borders (M) = share only maritime boundaries ... Taiwan (M) Vietnam (M) ...


“Neighboring countries have increased their military budgets and weapons procurement and are adjusting some of their military deployments and conducting joint drills at sea,” Kao Kuang-chi stated in his regular report to the legislature on potential international threats to Taiwan.


Taiwan 台 湾 (Táiwān) Population 23 million Area 36,193 sqkms GDP $43,599 The island of Taiwan (or Formosa or Chinese Taipei) is claimed by mainland China as a province. To reflect its eventful and contentious history we have a separate section on Taiwan. See also Taiwan (Wikipedia) China and its Neighboring countries compared


Borders of China. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Map showing the ROC and PRC claims. ... Countries sharing borders with China. Border marker of China. The table below, is a table of countries and territories who share a land border with China around its perimeter. The numbers in parenthesis are their lengths in miles.


Italy is one of the largest European countries in the Mediterranean and has a land border that stretches 1,116 miles in length. France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia are the four countries that share a land border with Italy. ... Countries That Recognize Taiwan. What Type Of Government Does Mexico Have? The Most Watched Sporting Events In ...


Taiwan's modern history began in the late 16th century when some of the first European explorers entered the area. The island was named Ilha Formosa (meaning beautiful island) by Jan Huygen van Linschoten, who was a Dutch navigator on a Portuguese ship, and the Formosa name stuck for the next four centuries.


China is bordered by 14 different countries that range from small nations such as Bhutan to very large ones, like Russia and India. The following list of the border countries is ordered based on land area.