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Advantages of commercial software include revenue provision, availability of full features, easy to implement, cheaper and reliable while the disadvantages are that they require annual fee payments, may not meet specific goals and their requirements depend on market research. Commercial software can


Computer software suites are less expensive than purchasing applications separately. Each application in a suite tends to use similar interfaces, so data is easily transported from one program to another. However, a software suite often contains more programs than users utilize. Computer software is


According to resources on the Pierce College website, the price or market system creates advantages of economic freedom. It also lowers costs. The disadvantages include instability, monopolistic control and income inequality.


The primary advantage of including a GUI with software is that it makes it easier for the vast majority of users to learn and use the application. The main disadvantages are that it uses more system resources, thus degrading the overall performance of the software. Additionally, GUIs often provide t


Proprietary software generally gives users access to customer service departments and lets them pick and choose salient features but may be expensive for companies to produce. In many aspects of business and the corporate world, having the right kind of software is critical for managing business ope


According to Use of Technology, the advantages of technology include access to information, improved communication, improved entertainment, educational convenience, social networking and advancements within various industries. Disadvantages of technology include increased loneliness, potential addic


The advantages of computers in business include improved work efficiency, reliable record keeping, effective communication, business research and marketing. However, computers contribute to unemployment, health issues and require additional infrastructure for effective operation


The advantages of accounting include evaluating an entity's financial performance, tracking its progress and reporting the figures to its stakeholders. Disadvantages of accounting include complex rules and sometimes arbitrary or conflicting accounting standards. Regardless of its pros and cons, acco


Point-of-sale systems let employees work faster, but they may require retraining. They can also be tied to accounting software. POS systems can automate a number of tasks.


The metric system is advantageous because it doesn't require conversions or use fractions. There are also fewer units in the metric system, and it uses simpler prefixes. The main disadvantage is having to teach someone who's used to using imperial units how to use the metric system.