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Syringa 'Josee' is a dwarf, reblooming lilac of compact, rounded habit. Heavenly scented, star-like lavender-pink flowers are on display over a long season. Blooming massively in late spring, the blossoms are so profuse that they literally cover the shrub. After a rest period to put on new growth, they repeat bloom sporadically through fall.


Syringa x 'Josee' Sku #40679 A sensational dwarf reblooming lilac with highly fragrant, lavender-pink, heavy flower clusters that bloom heavily in spring and continue to bloom sporadically through summer.


Hundreds of lavender-pink florets appear on long, luxuriant panicles. After the first heavy bloom in late spring, given adequate moisture, Josee will continue to flower intermittently until frost. Josee is simply unbeatable when it come to fragrance. Just a single bouquet of the lush panicles will fill an entire room with perfume.


‘Josee’ (S. x ‘Josee’) A unique dwarf lilac hybrid with an attractive spring display of lavender-pink flowers, reminiscent of Meyer Lilac (S. meyeri), one of its parents, but with a reblooming tendency, especially in the fall, which is more typical of Littleleaf Lilac, another one of its parents. Very tough and easy to grow.


Syringa 'Josee' (Lilac 'Josee') will reach a height of 2m and a spread of 1.6m after 10-20 years.


Genus Syringa can be deciduous shrubs or trees, with simple, entire or rarely pinnate leaves and conical panicles of small, very fragrant, 4-lobed tubular flowers in late spring or early summer Details Josée is a compact, bushy, rounded shrub, to 1.5m tall, with matt, oval to heart-shaped leaves.


A lovely dense compact shrub, prolific in bloom and delightfully fragrant. Masses of lilac flowers, held in panicles during May and June. Attractive rounded leaves of velvety dark green. Flower Colour : Purple


Syringa 'Josee' Enjoy the beauty and fragrance of Josee's lavender-pink flowers from May until frost! This highly unusual and desirable reblooming lilac is low maintenance and extremely mildew resistant. Its compact size of only 6' tall makes it perfect for a hedge or specimen planting.


Like the name implies, the Josee reblooming lilac produces flowers from the early spring all the way until the first frost occurs in the fall or early winter. The plant is a dwarf variety, reaching...


An ideal Korean Lilac for small gardens, Syringa meyeri 'Palibin' is a dense, compact, low-spreading, deciduous shrub that gets covered with a profusion of sweetly-fragrant upright panicles of lilac-pink single flowers in late spring to early summer.