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Potential symptoms of bone cancer include bone pain, broken bones, and tenderness or swelling near the area affected by the disease, reports Mayo Clinic. Patients with bone cancer may also experience unintentional weight loss and fatigue.


Breast cancer symptoms include changes in the feel and appearance of the breasts or nipples and clear or bloody discharge, according to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. While abnormalities should be immediately examined by a healthcare professional, signs and symptoms do not necessarily indica


Symptoms of stomach cancer manifest as stomach pain, nausea, the inability to eat usual amounts of food, persistent vomiting, severe and continual heartburn, uncontrollable weight loss and extreme indigestion, notes Mayo Clinic. If any of these symptoms occur without relief for a prolonged period of


Symptoms of throat cancer manifest as a sore throat, ear pain, difficulty swallowing, a continual cough that may produce blood, voice alterations and weight loss, according to Healthline. If any symptoms continue for a long period of time without improvement, it is important to see a doctor for anal


Common symptoms of throat cancer include coughing, difficulty swallowing, expelling blood while coughing, and abnormally high-pitched breathing sounds, according to MedlinePlus. Other symptoms include prolonged hoarseness, pain in the neck or ear, prolonged sore throat despite use of antibiotics, un


According to Medical News Today, symptoms of foot cancer include lumps or blemishes on the foot, new moles, open sores and swelling or itchiness. Cancerous moles or tumors generally start under toenails or on the bottom of the foot.


Seizures, headaches, weakness and clumsiness are among the more common symptoms of brain cancer, according to WebMD. Weakness and clumsiness may make walking or other activities more difficult. Other generalized symptoms include vision changes, nausea and vomiting, difficulty with speech and cogniti


A variety of symptoms, such as loose teeth, difficulty swallowing and a sore in the mouth that does not heal, can be signs of mouth cancer, according to Mayo Clinic. Any symptoms that last more than two weeks should be checked by a doctor or dentist.


Symptoms of liver cancer include loss of appetite, unexplained weight loss, pain and swelling in the abdomen, vomiting, nausea, fatigue, chalky stools and yellowing of the whites of the eyes and skin. However, early stages of liver cancer often present no symptoms, as stated by Mayo Clinic.


The two most common types of benign breast lumps are cysts and fibroadenomas. A cyst is a fluid-filled sac that develops in the breast tissue. Fibroadenomas are solid, smooth, firm, benign lumps that are most commonly found in women in their late teens and early 20s. Learn about our expanded patient