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National symbols of Italy are the symbols that are used in Italy to represent what is unique about the nation, reflecting different aspects of its cultural life and history. Symbols. Symbol Image Remarks Notes Flag: Flag of Italy: Is a tricolour featuring three equally sized vertical pales of green, ...


Coat of Arms: Italy's emblem has been the symbol of the Italian Republic since 5 May 1948. Subsequently, the song is often known as L'Inno di Mameli (Mameli's Hymn). When Italy united as a nation in 1861, the song was then known as the "March of the House of Savoy" and it became the official Anthem ...


Both species, typical of Italy, were chosen to represent the Italian arboreal heritage. The steel gear wheel, a symbol indicating work, is a reference to the first article of the Italian Constitution: " L'Italia è una Repubblica democratica fondata sul lavoro " (Italy is a democratic republic founded on work).


The national symbol of Italy is its coat of arms, which features a white five-pointed star bordered in red on a cogwheel with five spokes with branches from the olive and oak trees supporting it. This symbol was adopted as the emblem of the Italian Republic in 1948. The national animal of Italy is the Italian wolf.


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The French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, made the tricolour the flag of the Italian areas. Changing the blue of the french flag to green because it was his favorite color.


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The colors of the Italian flag represent different concepts, depending on the interpretation. In one explanation, the green represents the plains and hills of Italy, the white represents the snow-covered mountains of the Alps and the red represents blood spilled for independence.