The toxic symbol is a hazardous pictogram that serves as a warning against dangerous chemicals. Toxic symbols are often found on household cleaning products, as well as on antifreeze bottles and gasoline cans. The most c... More »

The chemical symbol for the type of alcohol found in beverages is C2H5OH. It is known as ethyl alcohol, ethanol or grain alcohol. Other types of alcohol include methanol and isopropanol, which are poisonous to drink. More »

On the periodic table of elements, the symbol Mn stands for the element manganese. Manganese is a mineral element that is both potentially toxic and nutritionally essential to organisms. More »

The "Charmed" symbol, known as a triquetra, carries several different meanings in a variety of cultural groups, each of which boils down to a unification of three distinct forces. In Christianity, this is the Holy Trinit... More »

The middle finger, either as an icon or a gesture, is meant to be a symbol of insult or phallic imagery, expressing displeasure with the one to whom it is directed. According to an article published by BBC News, this ges... More » World View Symbolism

A double rainbow is considered a symbol of transformation and is a sign of good fortune in eastern cultures. The first arc represents the material world, and the second arc signifies the spiritual realm. A double rainbow... More »

A shark tattoo is a power symbol in Western culture. It stands for fearlessness, with an emphasis on the lack of fear from death. Sailors have also adorned their bodies with shark tattoos to gain godly favor in the past. More »