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According to Mayo Clinic, there are two primary causes for swelling in the legs: fluid buildup or inflammation. Factors relating to swollen legs range from minor to severe.


Some causes of a swollen right leg are a sprained ankle, an anterior cruciate ligament injury, a broken leg, thrombophlebitis and lymphedema. Leg swelling is often caused by fluid retention in leg tissues. Problems with the kidneys, lymphatic system or circulatory system can also cause leg swelling,


Mild leg swelling can be attributedto things like sitting for long periods, pregnancy, certain medications and a diet high in salt. There also are serious medical conditions that can cause leg edema, including kidney disease, heart failure, liver problems and vein disorders, relates the Mayo Clinic.


Fluid accumulation and inflammation stemming from an underlying health condition causes swollen legs, as explained by Mayo Clinic, and an injury resulting from an accident, fall or sports-related activity can also cause legs to swell. People with peripheral edema may also experience a hard, heavy an


The two main reasons for leg swelling are from conditions that cause fluid buildup or due to inflammation, according to Mayo Clinic. Conditions that cause leg swelling due to fluid buildup include cirrhosis, lymphedema and thrombophlebitis. Ailments that cause inflammation in the leg are gout, osteo


There are several possible causes for swelling and pain in the feet and legs, such as preeclampsia and venous insufficiency, according to MedicineNet. Additionally, having lymphedema can also cause these symptoms, as WebMD explains.


There are multiple reasons a person's leg swells below the knee or in any area, notes Healthgrades. Mild swelling is very commonly caused by standing for long periods, while leg swelling that is chronic is often a sign of a serious health condition, such as congestive heart failure.


If a swollen leg does not require immediate medical attention, Mayo Clinic recommends resting the leg in an elevated position, using a pillow under the leg. Moving around instead of standing or sitting for long periods is also beneficial for reducing leg swelling. MedlinePlus suggests wearing suppor


There are several reasons a person's foot, ankle or leg could be swollen and red, ranging from a sprain of the ligaments to deep vein thrombosis. Each cause varies in severity, with some, such as deep vein thrombosis, needing emergency medical treatment, states Healthline.


Home treatment is the first step to treating edema, or swelling due to excess fluid in the legs and ankles. Treatment may include elevating the feet above heart level, wearing compression stockings and exercising the legs, according to MedlinePlus. Reducing sodium in the diet, losing weight and avoi