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According to sweetFrog Yogurt, "Frog" is an acronym for "fully rely on God." The name was chosen to emphasize the company's commitment to the local community.


Dreaming of frogs indicates things such as a potential for life changes, a prince in disguise or unexpected events. For a woman who is pregnant, or wanting a baby, dreaming of a frog is a good omen. For a man, this dream may mean that he is neglecting his health.


Tree frogs are different species of frogs that spend most of their lifespans on trees. They have evolved in such a way that they rarely, if ever, need to leave their arboreal state.


Examples of scientific names for frogs include Pseudacris triseriata for the chorus frog, Pseudacris clarkii for the spotted chorus frog and Atelopus zeteki for the Panamanian golden frog. The common scientific order for all frogs is Anura; the order has three subcatego...


The meaning behind a frog tattoo varies based on the person getting the tattoo. Different cultures have different meanings for frogs, with luck, purity and fertility being among the top meanings.


Frogs are often associated with rebirth and renewal. They are also considered to be a sign of change or transformation.


The French term for frog legs is "des cuisses de grenouille." The meat is mild in flavor and has a texture similar to a chicken wing. The flavor can be described as a cross between fish and chicken.