A sustained contraction is called muscle tetanus. Muscles are stimulated to contract by signals from motor neurons connected to the central nervous system. Muscle tetanus occurs when the muscle receives a high frequency ... More »

Hurricane Patricia, a storm that made landfall on the Western Pacific coast of Mexico, had a maximum measured wind speed of 198 miles per hour, the highest recorded sustained hurricane wind speed, as of 2015. However, sc... More »

An employee or former employee usually cannot sue an employer for injuries sustained if that employer provides worker's compensation insurance, according to FindLaw. However, an employee can sue for wrongful denial or te... More »

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A skeletal muscle twitch is shorter than a tetanic contraction, according to Dr. Paul Deeble of Mary Baldwin College. A twitch contraction is a short, jerky movement in response to a single stimulus in a muscle fiber. A ... More »

Motor unit summation is the build-up of the myoelectrical signals of the active motor unit during continuous, sustained muscle contraction. Sustained contraction causes the motor unit to fire continuously, creating myoel... More »

A static (or isometric) contraction occurs when a muscle generates force while the joint angle remains the same. An example would be what happens when a person pushes against a wall. The muscles contract but the joint re... More »

According to PearsonHigherEd.com, the sarcomere is the basic unit of contraction within a bundle of muscle fibers. Individual sarcomeres contain clearly defined bands of filaments which have a special terminology. More »