To find the surface area of a sphere, use the formula 4(pi)r2. In this formula, r is equivalent to the radius. Pi represents the infinite number 3.141592..., which is usually rounded to 3.14. More » Math Geometry

The volume of a sphere is found by multiplying four-thirds by pi by radius cubed. The Greek mathematician Archimedes first derived this formula. He also found that the surface area of a sphere equals four by pi by radius... More » Math Geometry Shapes

A sphere is a solid geometric figure defined as the set of all points equidistant from a common center point. It is perfectly symmetrical, and its surface is uniformly curved, without any edges, vertices or faces. It is ... More »

The surface area of a cube is the total sum of the area of the six sides that cover it, and it is calculated by using the formula A = 6a^2. Measure the area of one side of the cube. Multiply that number by 6 to arrive at... More »

The formula for calculating the total surface area of a pyramid is: S = (1/2)Pl + B. The surface area of a pyramid is the total sum of the lateral area combined with the area of the base. More »

Spherical geometry is the branch of mathematics that deals with figures placed on the surface of a sphere. It can also be defined as a three-dimensional view of more traditional planar geometry; although, there are numer... More » Math Geometry

To calculate the surface area of a rectangular prism, calculate and add together the surface areas of all its faces. Performing this calculation takes just a few minutes. More » Math Geometry