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Gallbladder pain is a type of abdominal pain that may feel sharp or crampy, explains Everyday Health. It may begin as a dull ache and build in intensity, and may become severe. The pain may radiate to the back in the area of the right shoulder blade.


Typical causes of gallbladder pain include gallstone sludge, inflammation of the surrounding tissues and blockage of the ducts by gallstones, according to MedicineNet. Conditions associated with gallbladder pain include gallstones, cholecystitis and biliary colic.


The treatment that conclusively defeats gallbladder pain is the removal of gallstones, the gallbladder itself or both, MedicineNet states. Alternative remedies for the pain include apple-cider vinegar, alfalfa and peppermint.


Some causes of gallbladder and stomach pain include gallstones, peptic ulcer disease and gastritis, according to Mayo Clinic, WebMD and MedlinePlus. Gallstones often cause no symptoms until they lodge in one of the ducts of the gallbladder, says Mayo Clinic. In that case, they cause severe pain in t


The most common symptoms of gallbladder disease include pain in the upper right abdomen which can radiate to the back and shoulder, indigestion, nausea, jaundice, and clay-colored stools, according to Everyday Health. Other symptoms such as high-grade fever, chills and chronic diarrhea may also occu


The gallbladder is an organ that stores and transports bile produced by the liver. The function of bile is to break down and digest fatty foods in the small intestine. Humans can live without a gallbladder since bile can take other courses to reach the small intestine. Part of the biliary system, th


Gallbladder pain that radiates to the left side is a sign of gallbladder inflammation, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Tumors, alcohol abuse, infections and gallstones can cause inflammation, states Everyday Health. In addition to pain, symptoms include fever, nausea, vomitin


Gallbladder pain is felt throughout the abdominal area, with pain extending to underneath the right shoulder blade and back, states Everyday Health. Pain often increases in intensity with deep breaths and can range from sharp stabbing pains to dull cramps.


Pain in the back, extending beneath the right shoulder blade, is a symptom of gallbladder problems, states Everyday Health. The pain is usually dull, cramp-like or sharp and increases when breathing deeply. Pain may also be felt in the right side of the abdominal or chest and worsens after eating.


WebMD states that a person can live a healthy life without a gallbladder. Cholecystectomy is the medical term used for the surgery that removes the gallbladder to treat patients who suffer from gallstones.