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Fish that rely on supercooling for survival must also live well below the water surface, because if they came into contact with ice nuclei they would freeze immediately. Animals that undergo supercooling to survive must also remove ice-nucleating agents from their bodies because they act as a starting point for freezing.


Definition. Water droplets which exist in liquid form at temperatures below 0°C. "Supercooled large droplets (SLD) are defined as those with a diameter greater than 50 microns” - The World Meteorological Organization. “Supercooled Large Drop (SLD).


Supercooling definition, to cool (a liquid) below its freezing point without producing solidification or crystallization; undercool. See more.


Define supercooling. supercooling synonyms, supercooling pronunciation, supercooling translation, English dictionary definition of supercooling. v. su·per·cooled , su·per·cool·ing , su·per·cools v. tr.


Supercooling is the process of chilling a liquid below its freezing point, without it becoming solid. A liquid below its freezing point will crystallize in the presence of a seed crystal or ...


SUPERCOOLED WATER - water that stays in liquid form if undisturbed even though it has been cooled to a temperature below its normal freezing point. SUSTAINED WINDS- The wind speed obtained by averaging the observed values over a one minute period. ~-Liquid water at temperatures colder than freezing. superrefraction-See refraction.


Here is the Supersaturated or Supercooling definition and example as used in chemistry, chemical engineering, and physics. ... If you disturb water that has been supercooled or cooled below its freezing point, it will suddenly crystallize into ice. Vi..Cult..., Creative Commons License Science.


• Supercooled water - water in the liquid phase whose temperature is below 0 C • Supercooled water exists because water cannot freeze without materials called freezing nuclei Is the saturation vapor pressure different with respect to water and ice?


supercooling[¦sü·pər′kül·iŋ] (thermodynamics) Cooling of a substance below the temperature at which a change of state would ordinarily take place without such a change of state occurring, for example, the cooling of a liquid below its freezing point without freezing taking place; this results in a metastable state. Supercooling cooling of ...


Looking for supercooled water? Find out information about supercooled water. A state in which water is still in a liquid state but its temperature is well below its freezing point. It freezes immediately on coming into contact with... Explanation of supercooled water