Sunspots are dark because they are much cooler than the surrounding portions of the sun, according to Cool Cosmos, a joint project by the National Aeronautic and Space Administration’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Calif... More »

The Stanford Solar Center states that sunspots form when the sun's magnetic field protrudes through its surface. The sun's magnetic field is composed of tubes that affect the sun’s surface temperature at the point of pro... More »

NASA scientists believe sunspots form when the sun's magnetic pressure increases, whereas the surrounding atmospheric temperature decreases, due to the magnetic field suppressing hot gases. Strong magnetic points prevent... More »

The National Aeronautic and Space Administration was created in 1958, it has put 12 men on the moon, it accidently recorded over the original moon landing tapes and a modern toaster has more computing power than the NASA... More » Science Astronomy Space Travel

Stars appear to move across the sky due to the rotation of the Earth in its orbit. As the Earth rotates the view of what can be seen changes along with the planets' positioning in the solar system. The location of a pers... More »

The stars appear to move from east to west across the night sky because as Earth rotates, the sky is observed as rotating, according to Astronomy Education at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Observers on Earth, in bo... More »

Stars vary in size from less than 8 percent of the size of the sun to those with diameters of more than 1,800 times that of the sun. In terms of mass, stars must have enough mass to support the nuclear chain reaction tha... More »