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Contractors who provide sunroom additions often have individual or company websites; examples include Reality Construction, Murtagh Construction, Great Day Improvements, Better Living and Champion. Visit the company websites and locate their sunroom sections, usually found by clicking on a Services


Sunroom addition layouts include an 11-foot by 19-foot room with windows on three sides and a door for outside access and an 18-foot by 17-foot room with windows on three sides, a door to the rest of the house on the shared wall, and a door set into a windowed wall for outside access. Glass can also


All-season sunrooms are structures that are either attached to or integrated into a house or building to allow the viewing of nature and surrounding landscapes while keeping the residents safe from the actual weather of the outdoors all year around. All-season sunrooms are typically made of glass ra


Sunroom furniture is available in local stores and online. Major retailers such as Pottery Barn, Cost Plus World Market, and Crate and Barrel offer sunroom collections made to fit into any space. An online search quickly brings up online retailers that carry sunroom collections.


Many furniture makers and retailers, such as West Elm, Ikea and Simplicity Sofas, offer a wide range of options to meet a growing demand for furniture scaled for smaller spaces. This makes it easy to find small furniture for a small sunroom.


Some sunroom window and door ideas include picture windows reaching from the floor to the ceiling with patio sliding doors, wall-length fixed Colonial windows with classic French doors, casement windows and full divided light windows. The later are windows divided with spacers or grids, breaking up


Affordable sunroom kits can be found at home improvement stores such as Menards, at local sunroom showrooms or online from websites such as AffordableSunroomKit.com. Sunroom kits can be purchased individually as a do-it-yourself kit or can be professionally installed, which is generally an option mo


Four Seasons sunrooms are designed and inspected by licensed engineers. Each design is pre-fabricated, making installation quick and easy. Four Seasons offers insulated, tempered safety glass that holds in heat during the winter and keeps interiors cool during the summer.


Most sunrooms can be heated using space heaters, which are available at home improvement stores such as Lowe's and The Home Depot. While a space heater that uses fuel might provide slightly better efficiency, electrical heaters allow users to avoid having to vent the exhaust.


Benefits of pre-fabricated sunrooms include being able to enjoy sun and fresh air without having to worry about sitting on a chair or bench that sat outside in the elements and without having to worry about mosquitoes and other pests. Pre-fabricated sunrooms also allow owners and their guests to enj