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Free animal clip art is available online at ClassroomClipArt.com and JustFree.org. All-Free-Download.com is another website offering free clip art, as is ClipArtLord.com. These sites offer free downloads of large assortments of animal-themed artwork in a variety of illustration styles.


Free clipart images are available from VectorStock, Classroom Clipart, Openclipart and Dreamstime. Categories range from abstract to business, and types include illustrations and vectors. Some clipart requires users to create an account to access the images.


CanStockPhoto.com, All-Free-Download.com and GraphicsFactory.com are websites that feature ocean clipart and illustrations. OpenClipArt.org is another website that offers free, downloadable clipart for oceans and nautical-themed images.


Obtain free horse clipart on sites such as GraphicsFactory.com, ClassicHorse.com and StockFreeImages.com, as of 2015. Many of these sites also feature horse clipart for sale or for use with a subscription, so be sure to check the pricing details of each image to locate the free options.


Two websites that have a wide variety of free clipart of dogs are Classroom Clipart and Public Domain Clipart. Each of these websites have various dog clipart and animations that are free and available for download.


ClassroomClipart.com, FotoSearch.Com and PDClipArt.org all have sections offering medical clipart. The clipart on PDClipArt.org is a collection of more than 250 public domain images that are offered free of charge and may be used, modified and shared with no royalty fee or credit required.


Find free clip art for kids on thekidzpage.com. Once you've found a piece of clip art you'd like to download, simply right click it and choose "Save image as..." This image can then be edited in Paint or inserted into a Microsoft Word document.


Funny clip art adds humor and cheer to printed media, including personalized cards, address labels, classroom bulletin boards and party decorations. Clip art also lends color and fun to digital media, from PowerPoint presentations to personal websites.


To download free clipart images, navigate to websites such as DreamsTime.com, OpenClipart.org or ClassroomClipart.com, select the desired image category, and choose the appropriate size and format of the image you want to download. Although DreamsTime.com offers several paid subscription plans, it p


Star clip art can be accessed through clip art websites such as MyCuteGraphics.com, ClipArtGuide.com and GraphicsFactory.com. Additionally, About.com provides a list of places that offer free star clip art, as of 2015.