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Sump pumps are activated by water levels and, when switched on, pump water away from the foundation or basement of a building. They are used to protect the structure of a building from water. This could be water from rain or water that comes up through the ground.


The average cost of installing a sump pump is $1,000, as of 2015. The price of sump pump installation and ownership is affected by a number of factors, including the type of sump pump, installation and size.


Install a sump pump by locating the lowest spot in the basement, installing the sump, installing the pump, providing power, and plumbing the outlet. If the basement has a concrete floor, the process requires cutting through the concrete.


Sump pumps run continuously for many reasons; however, if the pump was operating normally and the problem is recent, the most likely cause is a stuck float switch. This switch moves up with rising water levels to complete the circuit and start the pump. It then moves back down with the water level t


Some good battery sump pumps include the Basement Watchdog Emergency Battery Backup Sump Pump System, the Basement Watchdog .33 Horsepower Plastic Battery Powers Sump Pump and Zoeller 508 Aquanot Battery Backup Sump Pump System. The Zoeller has the highest rating between the three models, as shown b


A backup sump pump system protects a basement against flooding, should a power outage occur or the main sump pump fails. As more and more families turn their basements into family or game rooms, sump pump backup systems become more popular and necessary.


Some top-rated backup sump pumps include The Basement Watchdog and battery, Wayne ESP45 Backup System, Pro-Series PHCC-2400 Battery Back Up Sump Pump, Little Giant SPBS Emergency Back-Up System and Flotec 8 Amp 1/4 HP. These backup battery pumps help homeowners avoid the risk of flooding and cleanin


HomeTips.com and RedRiverMutual.com offer installation diagrams and instructions for the Sump Pump. To find the diagram on HomeTips.com, select Sump Pumps in the sub-menu of the Plumbing link. For the diagram on RedRiverMutual.com, type "Sump Pump" in the search bar at the top of the page, and selec


After turning off the electrical connection to the sump pump, unfasten the connector that holds the float to the cord, then add water to the sump pump hole until the pump is activated and adjust the cord until the pump turns off properly. The way that the float fastens to the cord will vary with dif


Install a residential sump pump by determining the best location, installing the sump and providing a discharge line. Place the pump in the bottom of the sump, connect it to a ground fault interrupter circuit and discharge line and test its function. In areas where frequent power failures occur, a s