Begin a summary of a text with an introductory sentence that includes the text's title and author. Next, restate the thesis or purpose of the text, and write the summary using your own words, with very few or no quotes f... More »

To write a summary, read the material, skim it for ideas, read it again with an understanding of the written ideas, and then combine the main points, events and scenes into a clear description. A draft is written and rev... More » and the UCSB writing resource website both have several examples of executive summaries. Uni Learning also provides several annotated examples of good executive summaries, as well as an example of a bad summary... More » Business & Finance Careers Applying & Interviewing

In order to write a practicum report, prepare a detailed summary of the experience that includes the reason for the experience, the author's background in the industry or area, the activities accomplished, the results of... More »

An article summary includes the main points and arguments of a text, without plagiarising the work. It also includes a citation for the original article. More »

A synopsis is a summary of a longer text that includes information about its content, major elements or characters, themes or purposes, and method or style. A synopsis also includes a suggestion of the conclusion or endi... More »

For MLA style citations, book source citations should include the author's name with last name first, the book title and publication information. Encyclopedia article citations must include the author's name, the article... More » Education Writing Academic Essays