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Best Answer: Sodium is a single element not a compound. Sugar is a class of edible crystalline substances, mainly sucrose, lactose, and fructose. - so it is not a compound. Oxygen is an element not a compound. Air is a mixture of several gasses (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide) but not a ...


Sugar is a pure substance because its composition is homogeneous throughout. Pure substances can be either elements or compounds. Sugar or sucrose is a compound with the chemical formula C 12 H 22 O 11.. Compounds consist of two or more elements that have a specific ratio.


A pure compound substance is one that is composed only of elemental equivalent atoms. Table salt, for example, is composed of sodium and chlorine atoms ionically bound to each other.


Sugar is not an element, a mixture, or a compound. Sugar is a classification. There are many different sugars. Depending on context, the most common meaning for “sugar” might be either glucose (in a biological context such as “blood sugar”) or sucrose (in a kitchen context, commonly called “table sugar”).


Table sugar is a pure compound made of sucrose. Sucrose has the molecular formula of C12H22O11 and is a disaccharide made up of glucose connected with fructose.


It is a homogeneous mixture if the sugar is dissolved since the mixtures properties would be uniform throughout. Believe me its NOT a compound, since the chemicals are not bonded at a molecular level.


A pure chemical compound is a chemical substance that is composed of a particular set of molecules or ions. Two or more elements combined into one substance through a chemical reaction form a chemical compound. All compounds are substances, but not all substances are compounds.


Pure substances. A pure substance has a definite and constant composition — like salt or sugar. A pure substance can be either an element or a compound, but the composition of a pure substance doesn’t vary. Elements. An element is composed of a single kind of atom. An atom is the smallest particle of an element that still has all the properties of the element.


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Classify the following as an element, compound, homogeneous mixture, or heterogeneous mixture; OR classify as a mixture or pure substance. There are 2 types of matter: pure substances and mixtures. Elements and compounds are types of pure substances. Homogeneous and heterogeneous are types of mixtur…