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A fungus overgrowth may case a range of health complaints. Yeast, also known as Candida albicans, is a type of fungus that is present in all humans. The fungus is found on both the skin and mucus membranes. In small amounts, it is harmless to the body. However, when the growth of yeast increases dramatically, the results can be absolutely ...


Sugar is your worst enemy. This means eliminating all forms of sugar including simple carbohydrates (and alcohol) that the body turns into sugar. Yeast in foods may also feed a fungal infection. When you are battling an overgrowth of systemic yeast or fighting a localized infection, avoid any foods with yeast–this means leavened breads.


Medical students learn about fungal and yeast problems, but only in a limited way. They know that AIDS patients have severe yeast and fungal infections and need long-term anti-fungal treatment. People with diabetes tend to grow yeast because yeast likes sugar. Babies get thrush and need antifungal treatment. Women get vaginal Candida yeast ...


Your diet free of sugar and simple carbohydrates starves the yeast, but you still need to eat. Opt for organic meats, wild salmon and cruciferous vegetables. The omega-3 fatty acids in 100 percent grass-fed beef and salmon help heal your body from inflammation and make it strong to fight the fungal infection.


Starve the fungus by eating and drinking foods that do not contain sugar. Eliminate all sources of processed foods as they contain a great deal of sugar. Avoid restaurants unless you partake a vegetable salad. Take anti-fungal supplements and eat all of your food raw until the fungus is eradicated from your body.


Stress affects your body in two ways, both of which can lead to excess Candida. One of your body’s first reactions to a stressful situation is to release cortisol, a hormone that depresses your immune system and raises your blood sugar level. The Candida yeast feeds on the extra sugar, while your weakened immune system is powerless to stop it.


Yeast eats sugar — you’ll know that if you’ve ever made bread. Cutting out their main food source is a great way to reduce candida in your body. You’ll still get sugars by way of fruits ...


Yeast isn't just for baking bread or brewing beer. You also have it in your body. Learn about what it can do for -- and to -- your system.


If you've ever had a yeast infection – and 75 percent of women will – read on. If you've ever had a yeast infection – and 75 percent of women will – read on. ...


Candida (a yeast and fungal infection) is not something that can be shrugged off as unimportant. It can lead to very serious complications and in some rare cases cases, even death. Certain foods are said to be a trigger for Candida infestations and therefore should be avoided. Here are the 10 foods to avoid if you have fungal & yeast problems.