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Most causes of clouded vision get worse over time. But there are some cases when you can have sudden cloudy vision in one or both eyes.. These include: An eye injury, such as getting hit in the ...


Sudden Cloudy Eyes. A sudden cloudy eye is not anything serious to get you worried. Unlike serious blurred vision, sudden cloudy eye can be due to the following factors; Nearsightedness, commonly known as myopia, which refers to a condition whereby you are only able to note or see objects nearer to the eye.


Having cloudy vision can lead to the loss or visual acuity or blurring of visual perception. Learn about what causes, symptoms and treatment.


Blurry vision is often one of the earliest symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS). The disease causes inflammation along the nerve that connects your eyes to your brain , called the optic nerve.


This is not to be confused with cloudy vision, which is referred to as a “milky-like” vision. Cloudy vision is usually associated to more serious eye conditions such as cataracts, however, blurred vision can be just as serious or caused by something easily treated.


Sudden onset of cloudy vision: Sudden onset of cloudy vision refers to a rapid development of unclear or unfocused eyesight. See detailed information below for a list of 6 causes of Sudden onset of cloudy vision, Symptom Checker, including diseases and drug side effect causes.


Regardless of the reason for cloudy vision, it is important to get prompt treatment. While sudden vision changes require immediate medical attention, the change may be benign. Some people experience cloudy or blurred vision after an extended period of time outside. This is a temporary problem that will correct itself.


Cloudy vision, where objects are obscured and appear "milky," is very similar to blurry vision. Cloudy vision usually is a symptom of specific conditions such as cataracts. Blurry vision and cloudy vision both can be symptoms of a serious eye problem, especially if they occur suddenly.


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Sudden blurry vision is a different story. If you haven’t had any vision changes, even if you use glasses or contacts, and your vision becomes dramatically worse in a matter of minutes or hours, it could be the sign of these serious conditions. Diabetes: Diabetes patients are at risk of a condition called diabetic retinopathy. Diabetic ...