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How to Make Suction Cups Stick Better. Choose a Suitable Surface. Even the best suction cups won't adhere to some surfaces because it's impossible to get a good bond that's free from air pockets. Choose a surface that's clean, flat and completely smooth, such as a window or mirror, the front of a dishwasher or the side of a metal file cabinet ...


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Suction does not work This is ridiculous. I almost got into a car accident because the suction cup does not stick for a long period of time to my windshield. I can?t believe that in 2009 Tomtom has not invented a better suction cup. My friends have Garmin and they do not have this problem.


How to get a suction cup to stick to window glass? Perhaps one of the least appreciated inventions of modern times is the suction cup. Despite its myriad of uses – from creating a surprisingly large amount of space to storing some obscenely heavy objects (for industry-grade suction cups), its usefulness is boundless.


How to get suction cups to stick to glass It’s not much of a secret anymore, but for those who didn’t know, suction cups were made to stick to smooth surfaces like those of cleanly polished metal surfaces or glass. Therefore, how to get suction cups to stick to glass should be a relatively simple […]


Suction cup won't stay stuck! Mon, 04/14/2008 - 8:44am. bugdude. 11 years. the windshield suction cup will not stay stuck for very long. is the something I can do to make it stick longer? ... Suction cup not sticking. bugdude wrote: the windshield suction cup will not stay stuck for very long.


How Do You Make Suction Cups Stick Better? ... Then, clean the surface before sticking the suction cups onto it. Push the suction cup against the surface until all the air bubbles inside are released and a vacuum is created, which firmly seals the cup to the surface. Adding a little oil or petroleum jelly to the rim of the suction cup can help ...


A stainless steel sink never goes out of style. Stainless steel, as its name suggests, doesn't collect stains like other sink materials and blends timelessly with any decorating trend. The best ...


Suction cups to the rescue! However, we discovered that our tile is not smooth enough to hold a suction cup for more than a few minutes, and our shelves were falling down. I considered glue, double-sided tape, and sticking smooth-surfaced items (ie. cut glass or plastic) to the walls so the suction cups would hold.