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“I have been battling PCOS since the age of 25 and was blindsided by all of the side effects, hirsutism, weight gain, insomnia, hair loss, depression, carb cravings, and month long/absent periods. After having many doctors tell me it was normal, I was finally able to find a fertility specialist who diagnosed me properly.


I still have some weight to lose but it's a huge improvement! Not being able to eat gluten has helped since it has forced me to reduced my carb/ sugar intake. I know this was really helpful with the weight loss, since pcos affects insulin levels. I'm not sure if there is any one right answer but I can say that it is possible to lose weight with ...


PCOS is a hormone imbalance which makes losing weight difficult, (sorry boys) periods irregular, and it will also be difficult for me to have kids in the future. It has disheartened me but at lest I now know why weight loss is so difficult for me. I would love to know if there are any women on here who have PCOS and have had successful weight loss.


The advice in this special PCOS weight loss report WORKS. Often short-term success is followed by weight gain, and a cycle of yo-yo dieting that can adversely affect your thyroid and your metabolism, making it even more difficult to lose weight again.


Obviously excess weight is linked to many serious health issues, but there is a solution to weight loss and better health just by taking small steps – we call it The 5% Solution™. The 5% Solution™ is found in the PCOS 5-Element System where I show you step-by-step how to lose weight and heal from the symptoms of PCOS and hormone imbalance.


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Interestingly, though, exercise does not necessarily result in weight loss for women with PCOS and a restricted calorie diet is one of the most effective ways to lose weight with PCOS . Summing it Up. We all know how tough it is to lose weight with PCOS. The good news, though, is that it’s not impossible!


Due to PCOS I have had absent menstrals, weight gain, diabetes and very little cyst on my ovaries. I have had several tests done and have taken several medications from metformin to progesterone and even birth control pills and still none of this worked. Suddenly, I lost the weight that was due to the diabetes, and changed my diet.


Continued. Weight loss can improve insulin sensitivity. That will reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and other PCOS complications.. To lose weight, start with a visit to your doctor. The ...


I don't have PCOS but I am insulin resistant, which is also side effect of PCOS. My friend does have PCOS and we have both been very successful losing weight on a keto diet (very low carb). I tried legit EVERYTHING including doctors, working out 6 days a week with a trainer, and eating almost nothing - and lost no weight.