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If you are making a recipe that calls for milk and your fridge is bare, or you are cooking for someone who is lactose intolerant or vegan, you need to find a good substitute for the genuine article. You have tons of options. No matter what ingredients you use, the whole process takes a couple of minutes.


2 1/2 tablespoons of powdered egg substitute plus 2 1/2 tablespoons water OR 1/4 cup liquid egg substitute OR 1/4 cup silken tofu pureed OR 3 tablespoons mayonnaise OR half a banana mashed with 1/2 teaspoon baking powder OR 1 tablespoon powdered flax seed soaked in 3 tablespoons water Evaporated milk 1 cup 1 cup light cream


In terms of nutrition, soy milk is a close nondairy substitute for cow’s milk. It contains a similar amount of protein, but around half the number of calories, fats and carbohydrates.


Cooking and Baking without Milk Ingredients. The following is a general guide to using ingredient substitutions for milk allergy.Please verify the ingredients and safety of any products named to ensure that it is safe for your child's unique allergy issues.


These easy ingredient substitutions for milk will help you out when the fridge is bare. sheknows.com. Food & Recipes. Out of Milk? These Subs Work Just as Well in Your Baked Goods.


Evaporated milk is a high-protein, creamy milk product used in many recipes. This article presents 12 dairy and non-dairy substitutes for evaporated milk.


How Do You Substitute Milk in a Recipe? Some ingredients to use as a substitution for milk in recipes include almond milk, rice milk, juice and evaporated milk mixed with water. Cooks can also generally use skim, whole and 2 percent milk interchangeably as needed.


Almond milk is a great substitute for milk in every aspect of cooking and baking. It's also a satisfying choice over cereal or in your morning coffee. It is creamy, slightly sweet, and high in vitamin E and other essential nutrients. Almond milk is almost always found in with the other non-refrigerated boxed beverages.


Milk's most important role in baking a perfect cake is the part it plays in making the batter wet enough for the chemical reactions to take place. In a pinch, if milk is not available, water may be substituted. To replace 1 cup of whole milk in a cake recipe, you can use 1 cup of water and 1 ½ tsp. butter.


Dear Lifehacker, I've heard cow's milk is actually bad for you, or at least not beneficial when compared to the many alternative options. But if I shouldn't drink milk, what's the best alternative?