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Celery is a marshland plant whose fruit and seeds are dried or converted into oil for various uses. Celery stalk is used in soups and curries. Celery leaves are used for soups and sauces as well. It is a low calorie food and is often used in weight loss diet. Sometimes a substitute for celery is needed.


While most people are more familiar with fennel as an herb - an aromatic with a taste similar to a mild anise - when cooked, its flavor mellows and becomes very fresh, like celery. The stalks, often disused in kitchens, are great as a celery substitute in cooked dishes, especially when preparing fish. In terms of texture, you're not going to ...


Another good substitute for celery in cooked dishes is cardoon or cardone, a leaf-stalk vegetable. Just like the fennel stalk, the cardoon needs more time to cook. If you’ve seen this leaf-stalk vegetable, you can notice that the stalks look similar to celery, but larger with sharp ridges.


In order to make the substitutes less easy to notice, you’d better chop them very finely, say experts. When the celery leaves, full of flavor, are finely chopped, they are ready to serve as fresh dressings and sauce additives. For those dishes that require celery seed, you can use its oil extract as an essential substitute for celery seed.


Celery is a pungent stalk vegetable. All parts of the celery can be used from the feathery leaves used for flavoring soups and stews to the crispy ribs used in cooking and eaten raw as a snack. Celery should be stored in a plastic bag, refrigerated where it will last up to about 2 weeks.


My daughter is slightly allergic to celery. (Yes, there are degrees of allergies, regardless of what some “experts” say. Our bodies can give us warnings before a major problem pops up.) I have been surprised at how may people have some reactions to everyday foods, like celery and pinapple and of course, peanuts.


Fennel stalk or cardoon can be used instead of celery in cooked dishes, but care must be taken to cook them much longer. Chinese celery or kinchay can be substituted for celery in cooked dishes, but Chinese celery has a stronger flavor than regular celery. Chinese celery is often used in stir-fries and soups where its strong flavor is an advantage.


I always find these questions interesting in that the questions rarely give you the full situation. What are you trying to accomplish. Is it personal dislike? Allergic reaction? Celery not available? Are you trying to duplicate the crunch of celer...


Chervil leaves are milder than parsley. Even celery leaves have a delicate flavor, and can be an excellent substitute for parsley in some dishes. Cilantro. Cilantro can be used as a fresh parsley substitute, in Mexican, Thai, or Vietnamese recipes. When compared to parsley, cilantro has a stronger flavor.


They are great for soups, stews, etc. I'm never without celery. Also, substituting celery salt for celery isn't the best solution to celery flavor because of the sodium issue. If you absolutely have to have some celery flavor and find yourself without real celery, you could substitute a quantity of celery seed to provide that flavor. Not ...