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Cipollini onions are small Italian onions approximately the size of a golf ball. They have a thin skin, white flesh and a flattened appearance. Cipollini onions have more residual sugar than other types of onions, which give them a sweeter taste.


Customers may find cipollini onions in their local grocery stores or through online shopping sites, like Amazon. Cipollinis are not the same as yellow cooking onions, so customers may need to ask the produce manager to point them out or order them.


To peel cipollini onions, soak the onions in boiling water, drain, trim off the ends and peel off the outer layer. After the onions are peeled, cut and cook as desired.


The ingredient that substitutes best for onion powder in cooking is chopped fresh onion. The approximate substitution ratio for onion powder to fresh onions is to use 1/4 cup of a chopped fresh onion for every single teaspoon of onion powder. A higher amount of onion ca...


Onion salt is onion powder with salt added. It is very easy to substitute onion powder for onion salt by simply adding three parts salt to every one part onion powder. For example, to obtain 4 teaspoons of onion salt, combine 3 teaspoons salt with 1 teaspoon onion powde...


Onions are a heart-healthy vegetable that have numerous health benefits and are considered to be a nutritional superfood. Onions are commonly used in cooking and contain compounds that are beneficial in preventing some types of cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and...


Store onions in a cool, dry environment, ideally in a mesh or ventilated paper bag to prevent moisture from collecting around the vegetables. Onions stored properly in a dark pantry or cellar last between two and three months.