In cooking, celery salt may be substituted by mixing regular table salt with something celery-flavored, such as celery itself; lovage, an herbaceous plant; or celeriac, a lumpy brown root vegetable. More »

Chicken bouillon, canned chicken broth or canned chicken stock can be substituted for chicken base in soups, stews and sauces. Use one cube, or 1 teaspoon, of bouillon per cup of water. Alternatively, use 1 cup of canned... More »

A copycat recipe of Lawry's seasoned salt is available from Top Secret Recipes and includes salt, sugar, paprika, onion powder and turmeric as well as cornstarch and garlic powder. The spice mix takes approximately five ... More » Food Cooking

Carrots or jicama can be substituted for celery as a raw vegetable snack. Bok choy can be substituted for celery in both raw and cooked dishes. Fennel stalk or cardoon can be used instead of celery in cooked dishes, but ... More »

Gravy Master contains a blend of onion, celery, parsley, garlic, vegetable protein and caramelized pure cane sugar which helps make gravy better by enhancing and sealing in its natural flavors. Gravy Master also enhances... More » Food Cooking

Ingredients in the healthiest vegetable soup recipes include carrots, celery, onions, garlic and vegetable broth. Healthy recipes also contain some type of herbs, such as oregano, thyme and bay leaves. Some recipes conta... More » Food Cooking

To make lumpia, prepare 1/2 pound of ground pork and shrimp, 2 garlic cloves, 2 cups of celery, 2 cups of carrots, 1 cup of water chestnuts, 1 cup of scallions, 3 teaspoons soy sauce, lumpia wrappers, beaten eggs and veg... More » Food Cooking