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Celery is a pungent stalk vegetable. All parts of the celery can be used from the feathery leaves used for flavoring soups and stews to the crispy ribs used in cooking and eaten raw as a snack. Celery should be stored in a plastic bag, refrigerated where it will last up to about 2 weeks.


Celery is a marshland plant whose fruit and seeds are dried or converted into oil for various uses. Celery stalk is used in soups and curries. Celery leaves are used for soups and sauces as well. It is a low calorie food and is often used in weight loss diet. Sometimes a substitute for celery is needed.


Honestly, I'd say there is no substitute that you're likely to have on hand. The unique qualities of celery are mostly the cellulose crunch it provides, and the suggested substitutions like daikon, radish, bok choy or the like are even less likely...


Its pale-yellow interior (celeriac needs peeling) is earthy, nutty and intensely flavored; its stalks are woody and slightly bitter. Its leaves, however, when dried impart a strong celery flavor, great for soups and stews. Use them like you would any other dried herb. Do you have any tried-and-true celery substitutes in your kitchen? Let us know!


In order to make the substitutes less easy to notice, you’d better chop them very finely, say experts. When the celery leaves, full of flavor, are finely chopped, they are ready to serve as fresh dressings and sauce additives. For those dishes that require celery seed, you can use its oil extract as an essential substitute for celery seed.


Lovage is a hardy perennial, Levisticum officinale, and a member of the parsley family, Apiaceae. It’s native to a region including the southern Mediterranean and central Asia. Lovage is grown for its aroma and flavor that make a great substitute for celery. The leaves, seeds and roots are all used in cooking.


Celery Seed Substitute 1: Celery Ribs and/or Leaves. Celery ribs, leaves and seeds all have the same, very familiar aroma, so adding ribs and leaves to your dish instead of seeds is a good celery seed substitute choice. But since celery seeds have a much more concentrated flavor, you have to use more chopped celery to make up the difference.


Chervil (Anthriscus sylvestris) is a fine and petite culinary herb which belongs to Apiaceae (the family of parsley, celery and carrot). It is a French herb like chives, parsley, and tarragon. Out of all the herd options, Chervil is typically the best parsley substitute. ... Can basil leaves be a parsley substitute? Yes, depending on the dish. ...


Substituting Celery Leaves for Stalks. Can celery leaves be substituted for the stalks in recipes? We tasted the leaves on their own and found that they were much more intense and bitter-tasting than the stalks, especially the darker exterior ones. Next we made two batches of chicken salad, using minced stalks in one and an equal volume of ...


Parsley tea is a very popular beverage in some parts of the world. If you want to prepare a recipe that calls for parsley, it is always better to use that herb. If parsley is not available, you may either do away with it, or use its substitutes. Parsley alternatives are also useful for those, who are allergic to the herb, or dislike its flavor.