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Canada's Durham College was founded in 1967 and has campuses in Oshawa and Whitby. As of 2015, the college has more than 72,000 alumni and approximately 770 full-time and 900 part-time faculty and staff. Durham College has a learning site in Pickering, and its community employment services locations


Some facts about Raleigh Bicycles include the fact that the company is based in the United Kingdoms and is headquartered in the city of Nottingham. Raleigh Bicycles manufactures a wide variety of models, including children's bikes, such as the Chopper and Grifter, and racing bicycles, such as the 85


The Durham Life Insurance Company was an insurance company based in Raleigh, N.C. for most of its existence. The company went through a series of mergers and acquisitions beginning in 1979 and is no longer in business as of 2014.


Some colleges located in Raleigh, North Carolina, include North Carolina state University, Campbell Law School, Harris Barber College, Meredith College and North Carolina Wesleyan college. As of July 2015, there are 10 traditional colleges plus a number of for-profit schools and satellite campuses i


As of 2015, it costs $1 per hour to park in the hourly parking area at Raleigh-Durham International Airport; the rate in the daily parking area is $2 per hour with a daily maximum of $12. The airport also offers two park-and-ride lots that cost $6 per day.


Durham tubes are used to detect gas-producing bacteria in biological samples. The gases produced by the microorganisms become trapped in the Durham tube, producing bubbles that are visually identified.


Subaru automobiles are made by Fuji Heavy Industries, with the main manufacturing plant located in Gunma, Japan. Subaru also has several facilities based in the USA.


Fuji Heavy Industries of Japan is the parent company for Subaru of America and other Subaru operations offices around the world. American Subaru cars are either made in Indiana in the United States or in Japan.


According to MapCrow, Durham is located approximately 15.4 miles (24.8 kilometers) from Newcastle. The two cities are approximately 20.9 miles (33.6 km) apart travelling by road.


You can find free telephone directories for Durham, North Carolina, at WhitePages and AmericanTowns.com, as of 2015. Both websites provide free search tools to find phone numbers and addresses of people and businesses in Durham.