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Subaru's website allows customers to locate dealerships by clicking the Find a Retailer link and entering their zip code. The website then shows a map with pinpoints locating the closest dealerships.


There is a Don Miller Subaru East located in Madison, Wisconsin, and a Don Miller Subaru West also located in Madison, Wisconsin. The address for Don Miller Subaru East is 5339 Wayne Terrace, while the address for the Don Miller Subaru West is 5822 Odana Road.


The Concordville Subaru dealership is located at 452 Wilmington Pike, Route 202 South, in Glen Mills, Pa., according to the Concordville Subaru website. The hours of operation for Concordville Subaru are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday.


The Subaru dealership in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, sells new and used Subaru and Acura vehicles, along with used cars from Mercedes-Benz, Pontiac, Nissan, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Ford, Hyundai and more. The inventory at this dealership includes sedans, wagons, SUVs, trucks and crossovers. Vehicles ra


Subaru automobiles are made by Fuji Heavy Industries, with the main manufacturing plant located in Gunma, Japan. Subaru also has several facilities based in the USA.


Fuji Heavy Industries of Japan is the parent company for Subaru of America and other Subaru operations offices around the world. American Subaru cars are either made in Indiana in the United States or in Japan.


The Japanese industrial conglomerate Fuji Heavy Industries manufactures Subaru vehicles. Subaru is a subsidiary of this corporation, which also manufactures aircraft and industrial products under the Fuji name.


Subaru owners can buy Subaru engines from several sites including JDM Engines Corp, EnginesUs.com and TheAutoChannel.com. Visitors to these sites can purchase used and rebuilt engines for different models of Subaru vehicles.


Used-car dealerships often buy previously owned cars that they can sell at a profit, while new-car dealerships typically take trade-ins and may be willing to purchase recent models outright. Some dealerships specialize in certain types of vehicles.


As of 2015, all Subaru vehicles sold in the United States except the Impreza are assembled in Lafayette, Indiana. The Impreza is assembled in Gunma, Japan. Subaru also builds the Camry for Toyota in Indiana.