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Feeling Unsteady? What You Should Know About Balance Problems. Balance problems can range from feeling unsteady on your feet to feeling like the room is spinning.


Patients with sciatica (nerve pain that often accompanies lower-back problems) will have difficulty walking or standing. Suspect nerve problems if you have back or leg pain that gets worse when you walk or stand for more than a few minutes and gets better when you’re off your feet. See your doctor for treatment advice. Balance disorders.


Abnormal gait (walking) and Loss of balance. WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms abnormal gait (walking) and loss of balance including Labyrinthitis, Intoxication, and Vitamin B12 deficiency. There are 21 conditions associated with abnormal gait (walking) and loss of balance.


Loss of balance while walking may be experienced by many people at some point or other during their life. People have different gaits and styles of walking and the presentation of loss of balance can vary from person to person. Aged people may experience loss of balance while walking more often. While this is a common phenomenon, it could also indicate an underlying medical problem.


Tripping over a crack in the sidewalk or feeling dizzy every once in a while isn't usually cause for concern, but when you're consistently off balance, it could be a sign of an underlying health ...


Balance problems can make you feel dizzy, as if the room is spinning, unsteady, or lightheaded. You might feel that you're going to fall down. These feelings can happen whether you're lying down, sitting or standing. Many body systems — including your muscles, bones, joints, vision, the balance organ in the inner ear, nerves, heart and blood ...


I use to do gymnastics, dance and horse riding all which require good balance. I got sick and couldn't walk though doorways I would always walk in to one side of it. I'd walk in to dressing tables etc and I would get out of balance just walking down the street! Also fell down and up stairs alot.


List of 113 causes for Difficulty walking and Loss of balance, alternative diagnoses, rare causes, misdiagnoses, patient stories, and much more.


If you are a cat lover, you are probably tuned in to the way your cat acts and what is normal for her. If your cat seems off balance or staggers when he tries to walk, it is very alarming. There are many causes for such abnormal behavior and it sometimes helps to know some of the possibilities. Staggering or falling over can be called ataxia.


Loss of Balance in Dogs. A dog who suddenly loses her sense of balance is experiencing disequilibrium and could be suffering from a serious health problem—one that requires immediate veterinary attention. A dog’s loss of balance is just one of many signs that can indicate a serious health concern involving the nervous system.