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What are your stuffie's names? - posted in Little Space: I just got a new stuffie and I will need to name her. Which got me to thinking, what does everyone else name their stuffies? I have two little ones (small enough to fit in your palm) named Cuddles and Sniffy. Then theres the two that I sleep with: Coco, and Butter. (They are the ones in my photo).


Every Little knows what a big deal it is to get a brand new stuffie. It doesn't matter if you have 1 or 100, each new one is just as special to a Little! After receiving a new one comes the hard task of naming one! It's a pretty big deal to us Littles. To save myself future problems, I created a stuffie name generator!


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Stuffie Names! - posted in Little Space: Hi guys! I thought it would be fun to start a thread for stuffie name ideas. Ill share the names Ive come up with, but feel free to add on! Here we go! °˖ (⁰ ⁰) ˖° Abby Ace Addy Aisley Alfredo Allie Alice Alistair Alonzo Andi/Andy Anna Angel Apple Apricot April Archie Ari Aria Ariel Art Asa Aslan Astrid Atlas Atticus August Aurora Ava Ayla ...


Your names are so cute! Teddy/Hugs - Blue build-a-bear teddy. Kitty - Hello Kitty build-a-bear teddy (unimaginative I know ) Tommy - Little lion i've said since i was very young. Snowball - little white rabbit. Cocoa - panda. Olaf - my giant Olaf stuffie. Lemon - Light brown bear my mum bought me after passing my exams


Drawing a name from a hat is always a fun and spontaneous way of making a decision. Ask your child for a top ten or 20, then write all the favorite names on individual pieces of paper. Grab a fun hat or cap, and place all the names inside. Give it a good shake, and tell your little one to close their eyes and pick a paper.


The 20 fun stuffed animal names. In order for the fun part to work, the name has to be picked in accordance with the type of toy and animal. If you call a wide-eyed fish Squinty for example it won’t really work… probably. But you can also go outside the box with names derived from movie characters, word plays and so on.


This is the biggest honor a little can give you. Letting you name their stuffie can be a sign of trust and love, because it means they think you will choose a suitable name or it may have more significance if their caregiver named the stuffie for them. Littles Oh my gosh! Choosing a name for a stuffie friend can be so hard!


Page 1 of 10 - Stuffies! (Stuffed animals or dolls) - posted in Little Space: Im sure Im not the only little who loves my stuffies!! What kind of stuffies do you have? Do you have a favorite? What are their names? I have mostly stuffed turtles (turtles are my favorite animal). Im going to try to find some pictures and post them if I can. I have one stuffie that I sleep cuddling, Ted.


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