One example of a parent letter is the welcome letter a teacher sends at the beginning of the school year. Another example is a weekly or monthly newsletter written to parents to chronicle what has been covered in class a... More »

To write a teacher introduction letter to parents, begin with a greeting, write the body telling about your background and teaching philosophy, and finish with contact information and a signature. Keep the letter brief, ... More » Education K-12

Educator and author Michael Linsin recommends sending a letter home to parents only as a third consequence of inappropriate behavior in a single say. He also cautions teachers to strive to send no more than six or eight ... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Business Communications

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A back-to-school welcome letter to parents typically includes information about the school and teacher, important contact information, and general expectations for the upcoming school year. Welcome-back letters are often... More » Education Writing

When denoting ownership and a word ends in the letter "S," an apostrophe is placed after the "S"; for example, "The North Stars' first championship game." An additional "S" can also be written, and the apostrophe can be ... More » Education Writing

The most common example of a scam letter is a phishing scam. These scams are designed to steal information from an unsuspecting person by posing as a familiar entity through mail and email. More » Education Writing