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The stucco scratch coat mix is a simple recipe that really consists of sand, cement and water. There are other formulas that you can use but in its simplest form it is merely a 3 to 1 ratio of sand to cement.


Stucco recipes and variations of mixes for scratch coat stucco, brown coat stucco, a panel and dome mix, a ferrocement mix and more. Stucco recipes and variations of mixes for scratch coat stucco, brown coat stucco, a panel and dome mix, a ferrocement mix and more.


There is a lot of confusion when it comes to mixing any kind of stucco, but we will be discussing the base coat mix in this article. I will use a custom recipe that will work for most applications and include how to mix in a bucket, wheel barrow and a mixer, which all require a little different techniques.


Stucco Wall Recipes and Stucco Application Methods, Stucco recipes Three-coat stucco installation details: the stucco scratch coat, stucco brown coat, stucco finish coat Metal lath based stucco wall installation Questions & answers about how to mix wall stucco: recipes & application methods


If the mix becomes stiff, add more water until you get a more plastic, fluid mix. Excessive amounts of either hydrated lime or sand will weaken the mix, and while increasing the ratio of cement used will cause the finished stucco to have greater strength, it will also be susceptible to shrinkage and cracking.


Recipes and Mix Designs Making stucco is like cooking bread… dozens of recipes on how to make it / mix it. Here are several different mix designs including brown coat, scratch coat and more. More Information… Color Color Colors Erin Allen of The Earth Pigments Company explains how to use stucco colors.


If you want, mix the stucco yourself. Stucco is usually made out of Portland cement, sand, hydrated lime, and water. Although some stucco recipes will differ, you can do pretty well by mixing up a simple ratio of 4:12:1 (cement to sand to lime), and then adding enough water, slowly, to get the stucco to the consistency of wet peanut butter.


What Are the Directions for Making a Stucco Mix From Scratch? To make stucco for scratch coat, mix Portland cement, hydrated lime and sand. Mix the ingredients in a 5-gallon bucket or wheelbarrow with a hoe or other heavy pole, adding water until the slurry has the consistency of pudding. To add tooth, you can also mix a dash coat of sand ...


Re: Stucco home made formula Hi Thomas, You've asked a question that requires my pulling out my Northwest Wall & Ceilings Bureau recipe book. I'll give you some recipe choices and then some rules to work with. Mix #1 Basecoat: 1 part portland cement, 1 part masonry cement, 3-1/2 - 4-1/2 parts sand, fibers per manufacturer's recommendations.


What Is the Mixing Ratio for Stucco? The mixing ratio of stucco is to use at least 3 cubic feet of plaster per bag of cement for the scratch coat and a maximum of 5 cubic feet per bag of cement for the brown coat.