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Strong bases are bases which completely dissociate in water into the cation and OH-(hydroxide ion). The hydroxides of the Group I (alkali metals) and Group II (alkaline earth) metals usually are considered to be strong bases.These are classic Arrhenius bases.Here is a list of the most common strong bases.


(For a list of common weak acids and bases, see Table 8-2 in Oxtoby)8-2 in Oxtoby)


7 STRONG ACIDS. 8 STRONG BASES. HCl - hydrochloric acid. LiOH - lithium hydroxide. HBr - hydrobromic acid. NaOH - sodium hydroxide. HI - hydroiodic acid. KOH - potassium hydroxide. HNO 3 - nitric acid. RbOH - rubidium hydroxide. HClO 3 - chloric acid. CsOH - cesium hydroxide. HClO 4 - perchloric acid.


The 7 Strong Acids. HCl. hydrochloric acid. HNO 3 nitric acid: H 2 SO 4 sulfuric acid: HBr hydrobromic acid: HI hydroiodic acid: HClO 3 chloric acid: HClO 4 perchloric acid The 8 Strong Bases. LiOH: lithium hydroxide: NaOH: sodium hydroxide: KOH: potassium hydroxide: Ca(OH) 2: calcium hydroxide: RbOH: rubidium hydroxide: Sr(OH) 2: strontium ...


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Strong bases. A strong base is a basic chemical compound that can remove a proton (H +) from (or deprotonate) a molecule of even a very weak acid (such as water) in an acid-base reaction. Common examples of strong bases include hydroxides of alkali metals and alkaline earth metals, like NaOH and Ca(OH) 2, respectively.


Strong Arrhenius Bases. A strong Arrhenius base, like a strong acid, is a compound that ionizes completely or near-completely in solution. Therefore, the concentration of hydroxide ions in a strongly basic solution is equal to that of the undissociated base.


Common Strong Bases, Weak Bases, Strong Acids, and Polyprotic Acids Various common acids and bases that you should memorize! FEEL FREE TO EDIT OR ADD MORE TO THE SET!


Table of Strong Acids and Strong Bases 1 . This entry was posted on April 27, 2014 by Anne Helmenstine (updated on April 27, 2014) Hydrochloric acid, HCl. This is a list of the strong acids and strong bases. There aren’t very many, so it’s a good idea to memorize them, if you can.


Strong and weak acids are important to know, both for chemistry class and for use in the lab. There are very few strong acids, so one of the easiest ways to tell strong and weak acids apart is to memorize the short list of strong ones. Any other acid is considered a weak acid.