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Stroma definition, the supporting framework or matrix of a cell. See more.


Stroma definition is - a compact mass of fungal hyphae producing perithecia or pycnidia.


Stroma commonly refers to the fluid filled inner space of chloroplasts surrounding thylakoids and grana. Initially, the stroma was thought to simply provide support for the pigmented thylakoids. However it is now known that the stroma contains starch, chloroplast DNA and ribosomes, as well as all the enzymes required for light-independent reactions of photosynthesis, also known as the Calvin ...


stroma [stro´mah] (Gr.) the tissue forming the ground substance, framework, or matrix of an organ, as opposed to the functioning part or parenchyma. adj., adj stro´mal, stromat´ic. stro·ma, pl. stro·ma·ta (strō'mă, strō'mă-tă), Do not confuse this word with stoma or struma. 1. The framework, usually of connective tissue, of an organ, gland ...


Define stroma. stroma synonyms, stroma pronunciation, stroma translation, English dictionary definition of stroma. n. pl. stro·ma·ta 1. The connective tissue framework of an organ, gland, or other structure, as distinguished from the tissues performing the special...


The stroma is distinct from the parenchyma, which consists of the key functional elements of that organ. The stroma of the thyroid gland is the connective tissue that supports the lobules and follicles of the thyroid gland. The Greek word "stroma" means "anything spread out for sitting or lying upon," essentially a mat.


Histopathological examination after Haematoxylin and Eosin staining revealed it as a malignant phyllodes tumour characterised by extensive stromal overgrowth, sheets of malignant stromal cells with scanty trapped leaf-like arrangement of benign ductal epithelial cells (Figure 1D).


stroma definition: noun pl. -·mata 1. Anat. 2. the connective tissue forming the framework or matrix of an organ or part 3. the colorless framework of a red blood corpuscle or other cell 4. Bot. in some fungi, a cushionlike mass of hyphae, frequ...


Definition. noun, plural: stromata (1) (cell biology) The spongy, colorless matrix of a cell that functionally supports the cell.(2) (anatomy) The supporting framework of an organ, a gland or other structure, usually composed of connective tissue cells, as distinguished from the parenchyma cells or tissues performing the special function of the organ or bodily part.


Definition of stroma - the supportive tissue of an epithelial organ, tumour, gonad, etc., consisting of connective tissues and blood vessels, a mass of f