Testing the strength of glue involves gluing various materials together using different kinds of adhesives. Common methods for testing the strength of glue include peel, cleavage and shear tests. More »

Master Bond manufactures three different adhesives that adhere plastic to metal: EP30P, EP37-3FLF and Supreme 3HT-80. Choosing the proper adhesive for a bonding task depends largely on the type and amount of stress the b... More »

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Washable fabric glue serves to adhere cloth to cloth or other materials, creating a bond resistant to washing. The strength of this bond isn't equivalent to stitching the pieces together, so it requires the use of milder... More »

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To repair cracked glass, mesh the broken pieces together using an epoxy glass glue. Apply a thin layer of glue to the cracked edges, and let it dry completely. Then, press the cracked pieces together for about twenty min... More »

The benefits of vinyl-coated aluminum siding include strength, durability and low maintenance it offers when compared to other siding materials. A vinyl coating reduces some of the disadvantages of aluminum siding, which... More »

To choose the best roofing material for your home, consider the cost of materials, the need for protection against natural disasters, the strength of the existing roofing framing and the aesthetics of the house. You shou... More »

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A structure's strength is derived from its shape and the materials it is constructed from. The strength of a structure is its capacity to withstand the forces that tend to break the structure or change its shape, accordi... More »