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Distance learning school Stratford Career Institute offers 60 career training courses that can be completed online at home in your spare time. Request information or enroll today. 1-800-254-4070


View Stratford Career Institute's Alphabetical Course List. Over 60 distance learning career training courses to choose from.


Stratford Career Institute was founded in 1991 as a privately owned educational correspondence school. The Stratford founders saw the needs of busy adult students and the value of distance education. The program is designed to give students an opportunity to complete a high school diploma or receive a certification in the area of study of their ...


i recently was droped from my local community college due that my high school diploma was not reconized and it was not valid, iam very upset with stratford career institute for not mentioning thins issue in ther enrollmen statues i never imagine that this would happen to me and as i read the other following review i feel anger not been able to due anything about this , it sucks that i will ...


Stratford Career Institute reviews: HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA. I worked hard in all my courses that I did and it really has paid off. Mail order issue. Scammers. This place is a JOKE. DRESSMAKING AND SEWING. Dressmaking and sewing.


Stratford Career Institute is only one of the many leading institutions that you can find information on from excite education. Have a look at the courses offered by Stratford Career Institute before you make up your mind.


an email from Stratford with the subject line “Your Enrollment in Stratford Career Institute, Inc.’s High School Diploma Program” or; a message in the Message Center located in Stratford’s eService online student center with the subject line “Important Message About Your Enrollment”


The Federal Trade Commission has accused the Stratford Career Institute of fleecing thousands of students looking for a better life by charging them as much as $989 for a worthless “high school ...


Stratford Career Institute has agreed to stop making allegedly deceptive claims about educational programs under a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission.. The settlement resolves FTC charges brought in February 2016, alleging that the correspondence school misled consumers about its high school “diploma” program, which failed to meet the basic requirements set by most states.


Stratford’s home study High School Program offers a robust curriculum that covers the key subjects that are integral to traditional classroom-based high school education. Fundamental concepts and practical examples are the forefront of the learning process.