One strange law in the United States is the law against dwarf-tossing in Florida. If the owner of a commercial establishment that sells alcohol allows a dwarf-tossing contest to take place or participates in one, he can ... More » Government & Politics Law

Virginia is host to many strange laws, including a law that makes it illegal to tickle women and another that states that chickens cannot lay their eggs prior to 8 a.m. and must finish laying for the day before 4 p.m. An... More » Government & Politics Law

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As of March 2015, planned changes to immigration law in 2015 include expansion of Deferred Action Programs, improvements to the visa program and discretion to waive deportation of family members of legal permanent reside... More » Government & Politics Law

As of 2015, legal reasons a U.S. immigrant may be deported include entering the United States illegally, violating the terms of his visa or the immigration laws, committing a crime, and failing to inform the U.S. Citizen... More »

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