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Straight Talk Wireless subscriber identity module cards compatible with Verizon Wireless GSM phones are available through the Straight Talk Wireless website or through retailers such as Walmart. These cards are compatible with select Verizon phones that have been unlocked from the Verizon network.


As of 2015, a SIM card is used by a GSM cell phone to connect to a subscribed mobile network. The average SIM card is made up of two components, which are the Subscriber Identity Module and the plastic encasement that surrounds it.


Both AT&T and T-Mobile provide free SIM cards for customers? unlocked devices. These cards allow customers to switch service providers without switching devices, and the cards can be shipped directly to customers or picked up in stores.


According to Consumer Cellular, a SIM card is usually located under the battery in a cellphone. This may vary depending on model and maker. A SIM eject tool is sometimes necessary to remove the SIM card.


SIM cards only work in GSM phones. CDMA phones, the other major type of phone, do not have a SIM card slot so are not compatible with SIM card use.


All SIM cards are not the same size. As of 2015, when a SIM is purchased, it comes attached to the card with a code written on it. The sizes range from mini to nano.


Before attempting to activate your AT&T SIM card, check whether your phone or device is already active. To do this, install the SIM card into the device and turn it on.


After receiving a new SIM card, contact your cellular service provider to have the SIM card activated. Following activation, the SIM card may be installed into the phone and the phone can be used.


The first SIM card was produced in 1991 by Giesecke & Devrient in Munich. Giesecke & Devrient sold the first 300 SIM cards to the Finnish wireless network operator Radiolinja.


A SIM card that has been locked by entering an incorrect PIN three times can be unlocked by entering a PIN unlock key (PUK). The PUK can be found on the information sheet that comes with a SIM card or can be provided by the SIM network carrier.