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Straight Talk Wireless displays a map of its coverage area on its sales website, sale.straighttalk.com. Straight Talk's website also features a regional coverage by entering the ZIP Code or mobile phone number.


StraightTalk.com provides a coverage map that allows current users to search by ZIP code and phone number to determine the available coverage. The phone used on the network also affects the available coverage zone.


Prospective and current Straight Talk customers can view an up-to-date coverage map on the Straight Talk website. Because Straight Talk uses several other providers' cell towers, service area coverage depends on the type of device the customer will be using.


The ZIP+4 code is the normal ZIP code plus four extra digits that indicate a specific location within the delivery area. Examples include an office building, apartment building or city block. The purpose is to make mail sorting more efficient, although the last four dig...


ZIP+4 codes are extensions to original five digit zip codes that include more specific geographic locations. They are designed to aid in the sorting and delivery of mail.


ZIP codes beginning with 411 belong to the city of Ashland, Kentucky and some of the surrounding towns. Ashland is located near Kentucky's border with West Virginia and Ohio.


The zip codes of the Denver metro area all fall between 80001 and 80603. Apart from the city of Denver itself, this area also includes 40 smaller cities, among them Lakewood, Arvada, Thornton, Littleton and Aurora.